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My featured ideas for consumer products, technology, transport, food, drink, alternative dimensions and power generation that is free from any resource consumption.

Marzipan Sweets
Using what is usually the topping of a Birthday cake or Wedding cake, marzipan is used for an softer outside of the sweet.
Being noticably less soft than the marzipan outer, the more buttery caramel is in the middle.
Sealed by a transparent sugar skin allowing colours to be added giving the chance to create shapes and patterns.

X-Coat Colour Sweets
Outer sweet unreal colours
Using; Glow in dark (recharge, maintaining shine)
Using; Reflective (radiating glow in the dark and creation of shine)
Using; Sugar Shine outside sweet coatting (Shining with any outside lights)
Offering un-natural colour and unreal glow to sweets.

Food Catching Board
Slightly risen that leaves a gap between the kitchen surface and the chopping board is allowed for the excess food to drop through.
Having a trigger to push to open trap-doors which lined on the chopping board gives crumbs and other unedable food a chance to drop through.
Releasing the trigger will close the trap-doors and will revert back to a normal chopping board.
Collecting the excess waste of the edible products that are chopped below in the contained unit will allow safe disposal.

Cleaner Chopping Board
Made of soft grippable rubber or silicone like material making it easy to clean and pick up by hand.
Being slightly floppy enough to bend with your hands but staying very firm and hard to keep it's shape when laying flat.
Having creative patterns and abstract prints to it's durable, wipe easy material it is made from, remove anything on it without staining from the washable surface.
Only slightly risen due to it's shape making the experience in the kitchen a more colourful time.

Your TV Broadcasting
Setup your own TV channel where you can broadcast yourself on TV instantly.
Camera and broadcasting device broadcasts your TV channel by setting to a frequancy.
Frequancy monitor so only one person can use one perticular frequancy at one time.
Frequancy spots are idled out if the device is not connected within an amount of days.
Unique random code for each broadcasting device that can be changed and reset if needed to save risk of frequancy idle drop.
Simply scan the stations and pick up all the people broadcasting across the world to your television.

Drop Catcher
Collection of water that can be used for watering plant life, farm water irrigation and house cooling.
Get a thin transparent plastic bag or wrapping and seal to make a bubble of air.
Putting in the sunlight and begin slowly gathering condensation while holding water inside the bubble.
Allowing time, these gather more and more water providing the sun is out.
Make a hole in the bottom and it gradually drops water, using a container or farm water irrigation system below and it fills with water.

Exx-isable Reality
A visual dream state reality that can only see in dream state that is an indented 3D world dimension that can just be on a physical flat piece of paper.
Created by magic eye patterns placed in a perticular way and encuraging dream state will show you the hidden picture that is not seen with the normal eye.
Going cross-eyed and focusing back, looking at your nose and back, encurage shaking of the eye or press the eye gentally creates a dream state and you see the reality picture.
Using a alternative method such as technology you could make a visual dream state 3D world and items with magic eye patterns and maybe more.

Meal Hampers
Picked up in any shop and made from select fruit and vegetables that will make a meal.
Provided with recipes with ingredient guides and simple instructions, find it easy to follow and useful to know.
In a varity of different meals found around the world you will get to eat something every day.
Having sutiable packaging that suits the fruit or vegetable find it last longer and is fresh for you.
Convenient and saving time when choosing at the shops it could save you some time and stress.

Cocktail Drink Hampers
Create your own cocktails and mix a selection of different drinks together to create your own.
Information to guide you with what may work together to help create one for you, you will enjoy.
Coming in a variety of fruity flavours in alcholic and non-alcholic versions to suit all.

Balls of Whatever
Make a ball from a solid cube or solid box with nothing inside but the material it is.
Wear down the corners equally and it will adventually turn into equal ball shape.
Provided with this ball you could use it in your own way.

Warmer Hot Drinks
Allowing the mug or glass too maintain heat of your drink and keeping it's heat for longer.
Using thermal material inside the mug or glass allows it to keep the heat of your drink once it is warmed up.
Coming in shapes, colours, patterns and abstract these will include culture in our life.
Satisfaction that your enjoyable drink does not get cold too quickly included.

Time Officide Game
Take 12 hours of the clock between the players. ( Two Players: 6/6 hours | Three Players: 4/4/4 hours | Four Players: 3/3/3/3 hours )
Bet an hour at a time through the day and who has most of the day at the end, wins.

Outside Proof Cushions
Have a comfutable seat outside in all weather conditions that you do not have to bring back inside.
Water proof, flexable plastic and rubber lastable material that will ensuring they stand up to nature.
Filled with soft, cushioned inside providing a comfutable seat when outside.
In an array of sizes with a variety of colours, patterns and abstract designs.

Xatrix Usage
Show the amount of electric used in a property on a digital display by kilowatts and watts monitoring.
Calcalating electric used so far today and memory of previous days, weeks, months and years.
Usage and adverages in a bar chart display of history in days/weeks/months/years.
Connected to the main electric supply of your home or business and display electric consumed.
Know if anything is using electric in the property including itself that idles out after a short period of non-use.
Going red or green the more or less you use based on the adverage usage of days that is resettable.

CamXamo Weapon
Have goggles, glasses or contact lenses with transparent see-through 2D screen display.
Displaying a crosshair of where your weapon aims and hits will ensure undeniable accuracy in-front of you.
No need to manually aim your weapon or going cross-eyed looking down the barrel to line up aim to the target.
Weapon can be camouflage to look like anything, long as it shoots and shows where aimed on your see-through lense screen.
Options of map location, danger warnings, team mates displayed and targets to kill as extras could be useful.

LexxBox Real Virtual Reality(Setup)
From one point, such as; the computer(Internet Network Location), make a box to show a real 3D virtual object.
Create a X by crossing 2 straight lines the same length and mark North, South, East and West from the center point(Google map network location).
Using 50% width of the crossed lines, place at the end points at 90 degree angles.
At the 90 degree and 50% line end points, connect straight lines around the outside, using 100% of the width measurement, you box the computer.
Using computer, internet and a 3D graphics program for drawing in thin air, inside the box.
Display and see the 3D image drawing with the LexxBox Real Virtual Reality Product and Lighting Method, shown below at perfect pixal visual ratio.
Put things inside too detect, test and research for information could also be possible.

LexxBox Real Virtual Reality(Product and Lighting Method)
Made of 2 televisions, one behind and one in-front; make real 3D virtual reality and walk around inside.
By using LexxBox Real Virtual Reality(Setup) above and a computer; draw in real 3D virtual reality.
Drawing: Showing product and method as un-tested but probably would work.

2-Way Rollup Cigerexx
Coloured lick and stick stripes of your cigerette papers and easily seen at day and low light.
Use of coloured sticking stripes on both sides of the cigerette paper and fool proofing the rollup.
See clearly where and which side too lick the paper while avoiding checks everytime when making a cigerette.
Easily visable, either side lick and sticking of your paper and never fail making another rollup cigerette again.

LexxTV Film Adventures
Select an actor and follow from thier point of view and what they get up too during the film.
Important sections where you decide what the actor does and change the outcome live and as it happens.
Offering places to interact that may help your actors situation based on your previous decisions so far.
Watch your film time and time again from different actor perspectives and see something new by decisions made.
Enjoy selecting situations and sit back while watching the actors reaction and outcome of what they do.

Unbreakable Travelling Paths
Hard rubber pathing that does not break or crack and comfutable to travel along.
walk, run, cycle, use a wheel chair or drive a childs pushchair along the flat and level rubber surface with no problem.
Sutible for all weather conditions of the out of doors as well as the inside.
Difficult to damage, long lasting and durable that is simple to replace if ever needed.
Easily laid down and remains the same level as the ground surface placed on.

Unhackable 2D-Image Encryption
Create a text and image key QRcode then delete the information that made it, never too be known or recreated.
Turn the given password to a QRcode with the key QRcode for the custom image making it unique to the password holders.
Storing the QRcode image in a SQL Database with PHP cannot be read by QRcode scanners and automatically voidable to an unreadable state.
Security check makes a QRcode from the entered password with key QRcode as the custom image while changing to SQL Database image to match.
Benefits offer no image files, unknown recreation of the key QRcode image, also, void and/or restorable inside the database.

Location Re-Trexx
Trackable devices admitting signal of direction that can be found.
Raydar for detecting trackable devices and indicating direction on screen and distance calculation.
Leaving trackable devices for finding by employees over large land and spacious areas.
Employees with raydar find locations easy too carry out thier work with direction arrows.
Benefits of; time saving, reliable, undeniable accuracy, simple too use and understand.
Erasing of; show, tell and forget excuses along with time waste of explain and guiding in-person.
Rechargable by solar panel, electric plug or vehicle cigarette lighter.

Drink Droplex
Concentrated flavour liquid drops for adding into coffee or tea.
Small bottles with a droplet cap making it easy, quick and simple putting into drinks.
Add a few drops for an alternative and boost from the original enjoyable hot drink.
Use with coffee for flavours, such as; caramel, chocolate, toffee, wisky and mint.
Put into tea and gain fruit flavouring, such as; strawberry, lemon, raspberry, cherry and blueberry.

Fruit Cerlex
Quick snack foods in the grocery shop found in loose or hard plastic containers.
Cheap and healthy foods with fresh fruit and sponge, wafer or solid cereal outer shell.
Takeaway as fresh bars, sweets, crisps and cakes to enjoy from the local shop.
Fresh fruit seperated by a complimenting drier fruit blend, marzipan, sugary wafer, cereal or sponge shell.
An enjoyable snack keeping the wetter fruit center and crispy outer at satisfactory quality at longer periods.

Fruit Pastriex
Widely available snack foods from the local grocery shop wrapped in easy too open plastic.
Fruit filled, cooked and baked takeaway pastries with a complimenting sweet.
Pies, rolls and wraps of pastry with a center of special fruit blend and topped with a selected sweet.
Baring fruits of apple, cherry, banana, raspberry, pear, orange, pineapple and/or others.
Accommondating sweets of marzipan, sponge, crushed cereal, cream, crumble, custard and/or others inside.

Fruimexx Box
Simple plastic containers seperating food which come with a handy throw-away spoon or fork.
Holding a varity of fresh and slightly sugared fruit, nuts, dried fruit and crushed cereal.
Offering a side sweet of yogurt, custard, cream, crumble, marzipan and/or icing sugar peices.
A range of selections which compliment and give many options for choosing.
Available for purchase at the local shop, enjoy and keep in health through-out the day.

Xtronix Interactive Books
Reading, electric book or website stories with relating pictures and specially highlighted action options.
Given decision abilities and roll in adventure, action, thriller, horror, sci-fi or other themes within the story.
Short to medium passages of reading before deciding action options of; what happens next.
Action options continue the story by flicking to page or next page after choices, such as; where to go, research of how, what to use, item gained or consumed.
Available improvement of a normal book with side card and holder for marking upon; picking up, use of items, researched how too and rememberance.
Available improvement of a electronic book or website story of automatic rememberance and reset website cookies/login programming of actions.
Interactive and fun books or stories that require decision upon facing problems, solution solving and issues to continue.

Dipole GenXator
Generate a magnetic field, output free electric and create an open dipole while using absolutly nothing.
Conductors offering constant and progressivly increase of speeds and power.
Ability to create a stable open dipole that offers magnetic, electrical, gravitational and sound field research.
Producing OUTPUT while using nothing, consuming no resources and works by its self.
Drawing: N being North and S being South of a magnet.
Conductors fit in the middle and spin.
Generate electrical charge and magnetic fields that lose or put on weight with no battery required.

2X1-Pressure Engine
Make a self running one piston engine featuring a scroll compressor for air compression power that requires nothing to run.
Working as continious/progressive 1 speed output, never stopping until self destruction by worn out materials.
Use of gases and other materials could enchance abilities greatly.

Magnetix Piston Rebound Method
Enchancing force and rebound pressure of a piston engine using magnets.
Generate more force than provided with, increasing speed of the piston with nothing.

Lexxaiversal Key
Obtain mass status and instantly see results at a glance of anything anywhere.
One look and you will know health, status, appearance, deteriation, cleanliness, fuels, etc.. of any universal thing.
Within a area radius, using technology, scan for variations of a single physical object and copy a image of.
E.G: Scan all Birch Tree Leafs in a town, taking a copy image of each leaf and put them all together on each other with slight transparancy.
This will show you health of all tree leafs in the area, any major problems and requirements they may need, visually by 1 god-image to see.
Changing area and item to scan will provide one single image, showing any abnormality and offers super fast and simple problem finding of physical, alive or not.

X-Tek(ronics) Key
Working with any TV, Laptop, PC, Server, Tablet, Hardware and Phone, physically connected or not, costing a price of under 10 UK pound.
Improving electronic devices x1,000+ in ways of speed, weight, device wear, start-up, shut-down, portability and hardware abilities.
1 username and password accessing your stuff that is entirely taken care of, saved, backed up and online, only requiring a USB plug and a screen.
Single device, under a lighter in size, that is; USB Stick(File Space), Battery, Internet(Phone SIM?), Bluetooth Transmitter(Remote Connection) for physical and remote capibilities.
Plug in or install/connect remotely by Bluetooth, loading a most basic HTML Webpage Viewer; operating online ONLY to control hardware (ON OR OFF) of devices, hardware and driver features.
Offering capatibility to load ALL and ANY Games, Web, Phone, Music, Video, TV, Device, Device Controls, Webcam, Programs, APPs, etc.. with 1 or 2 clicks from 1 webpage landing screen.
At under 5 seconds load/install, under 5 megabyte file size - shaming all the doomed from start; Windows, Linux, Unix, BIOS +more and other operating systems that are hardware-based.
Using basic file system(NTFS, FAT32, etc) software ONLY, dooming the technology industery that dedicates hardware roms pacifically to thier companies and product lines.


One Time-X
100% accurate where ever you go, providing one time across any planet.
A time piece of 24 hours providing precise and a single, unchanging global time, recieving from satellites.
3 satellites rotating the planet in a circle with 100% coverage constantly. (See Drawing of Rotating 3D Triangle)
Example 1: 8x3=24 Travel to the center of the planet, the time will speed up.
Dooming the constantly updating and changing every 30 minutes, in-accurate time zones across Earth provided by clocks, watches, computers, phones, etc..
Example 2:100x100x100x100 = square | square x 5 = box | 100 x line rotated 360 from center = circle | rotate circle 360 = 3D ball = planet.

Anti-Gravity MagneX
More up-force than gravity.
Stuck magnetic forces of + and - attraction that never made it.
Drawing: N being North and S being South of a magnet.
Highly improvable with other stuff, such as..
Create magnets of + too - and - too + with possiblity of magnetic only engine or physical alteration, such as..
Method: Turn a HOUSE BRICK into METAL(heavy 100 TONS) or FEATHER(light 0.100 GRAM) or the other way and anything inbetween with no change.

If-X Question (Foolproof Project Progression Method)
Question: WORLD = 1 - 4
What is WORLD?
and.. keep the 1, not taking away the 4?
Answer: 23
Answer: WORLD = 1 - 4 = 23 + 5 = 28
and NOT.. keeping the 1 and the 4?
Answer: 28 - 1 - 4 = 23
Drawing: Showing illustrated method of and working out.
Graph type can be created for any subject for maximum area focus and project progression aim, future aims, also, test outcomes with no loss.

2X:1 Chemical Engine Creator
Main ingredient; Maintain structure chemical
Other ingrdient; Chemical to resist water

2X:1 Chemical Shape Mold;
Mold changes shape to something like a car.
Little chemical is really needed because of thinning by spinning/cooling/heating/pressurising/compressing/etc.. methods to use.
Created by speeds of 2 engines with running power of 1 for sole use of; cooling down, pre-improvements, working and moving parts.
Chemicals go in, car comes out as a water resistant shape using super engine powers.
Even the car works created using the 2X:1 Chemical Engine Creator.
Use other chemicals such as smells, visual effects etc.. when bored of the car, melt the chemicals back to original state.
Nothing used, make anything, break anything, real world or virtual reality or anything there..

Tempa-X Inside Monitor
In-door ultimate air temperture altering, monitoring of, and selection changes.
Monitoring current and previous air temperture changes of inside-doors; for the past time.
Display selection to change air room temperture with timing length of change to complete alteration, also with live tinkering after selection.
Heat or cool any inside room fast with fast air temperture changes based upon wind, air temperture and flow monitoring.
Open windows are no problem, even with active fan object or air conditioning unit.
Faster air temperture changes by creating more wind, however, costing live tinkering time and current calcalated selections.
Benefits: Mental alertness, heat health healing and breathing with airflow activity as real active enchancement features around inside-door objects, such as; warming only bottom or left side of the room.

1X2:200 KleXsin Micros-OFF ObjeX
Fill of 2 containers with optional sealing at 100%; 3D Solid Rectangle or 3D Solid Cylinder (Production line product)
Speed: 2:1 processing ratio
Recoil: Input speed and density dependant
Use: Continuous fills 2 containers to 100%: Any liquid or air type
Use: Mass Air or Liquid Purification
Use: Mass Air or Liquid Cooling
Use: Mass Air or Liquid Warming
Batch: Small; 10:20 and Big; 1000:2000 for every: 1 Object
Input: Standard Liquid, Space or Air Pipeline
Size: Relative
Drawing: Illustration of method and function
Possibilities: Fill of Milk Carton: 100%, Global Warming Cure, Ocean Cleansing, Air Purifying, Warming or Cooling of Air and Liquid
Only universial space input too work for FREE! on a huge MASS scale of 2:2000 with BATCH of 1:1000 lines BY 1 self running KleXsin Micros-OFF ObjeX.
Highly improvable with other stuff for use with alternative planet and universal space cleansing, no gravity required.
Dooming the entire universe due too block and area puring, there is no escape: Going where no man, machine, computer, alien, superhero, probe or bug.. could ever get too, and get back, stuff said.

X-Dining ObjeX Table - Food and drink: Using nothing
Food and drink with no; Bowl, Saucer, Plate, Dish, Fork, Knife, Cup, Mug, Glass or Spoon.
LED Touch Welcome Panel(Food Hotspot Reactor) for selecting the ObjeX designs when seated and LED side panel for retracting or tracting more Objex.
Automatically lift-up of X-Dining ObjeX Shape when selected using the LED Welcome Touch Panel(Food Hotspot Reactor).
Draw food boundary with finger and automatically raise a food boundary; or use a pre-made selection or custom saved boundary.
Boundary lights of colour showing heat, coolness, remaining temperture and quality lasting food time.
Easy clean with 1 wipe: Retracting the ObjeX with the LED Touch Side Panel.. if used.
Heat or cooldown of food and drink using the LED Touch Side Panel or take advantage of the Food Hotspot Reactor for maintaining the current heat.

Indist-X Design
Using the above inventions on already sold; Superior Products.
Selling of endless: Expansion, upgrades and downgrades anything seen, forgotten, wanted, needed or known of.. or not.
Trade and grades of any; Machine, Computer, Vehicle, Food, Drink, Diet, Health, Self-Running ObjeX and other stuff.
ObjeX perfectly created by one foolproof default; Change » Defect » Rewind » + = ?.
Operating forever with the delusion of: Personal Like Change.
Dooming all; Races of Universal Existance, for one sole purpose of: Growth and supplying food and drinks, alone and forever more.

X-Cessory Clip(s) - (Indist-X Design: Demo Product Outlet)
Really strong, light weight clips that are easily carried and stored in small places.
Use: Accessory » Clothes » Travelling : Help with carrying items around on foot.
Colour: Plain, Bold, Strong, Reflective, Fluorescent, Glow; In, Of, and By. ( Personal Mixing Available )
Clip: Thread Needle Pin, Magnetic, Safty Pin, Spring Retractable and X-All-One.
Attach: Hats, Gloves, Clothes, Wallet, Money, Documents, Food or Drink and whatever else you can carry on foot.
More carrying method and solutions available upon having two+ clips.
Deeming Indist-X un-challengable and the ultimate power of; The Universe, at ALL major points of: Stability, strength, creativity, productivity, adaptation, choice and whatever, etc, etc..
..done by ONE person, alone, in under THREE years and start-up status of: The Ultimate Power of Space and the Universe, cost of less than 1,000(UK POUND) pre-paid PERSONAL money, pre-planned and ready-to-go business, shown above.

X-MWFCog Engine - Using less than nothing
A engine by the power of a Magnet, Fanbelt, Cog and Weight only.. no gravity required.
More weight, more force, more speed, more pressure, more high speed.. etc... Continuious universe by one magnet force and weight only, with a fanbelt; NO SELF DESTRUCTION
Universe: Un-stable with no fanbelt included; YES SELF DESTRUCTION
Drawing: Illustrated X-WFCog Engine working.. with destruction of all existance

Deeming: Universal Surrender and New Owner; Indist-X Design, the start-up of; The Ultimate Power of Space and Universe. (Un-challengable and Un-defeatable)
Created and owned by ONE person with under 1,000(UK POUND). 13(ish) years ago from 24/11/2018(NOW).
Challenged and defeated: The above. Done within THREE years with under 1,000(UK POUND) by the same, person(ME).. but made much better..
..since Humans first arrival into history 5,000,000 years ago, when Australipithicus Affarensis first appeared on earth.
You: Pathetic suicide failures, that never made it, claiming 'Earth is "our" home!'
You: Only living off locations of: SELF DESTRUCTING with no-way out and doomed only
You: Activities of doing nothing, complaining about any activity with only activity skill of triggering brain anticipation when going to die, badly, remaining more idle and useless.
You: UNIVERSALLY KNOWN, seen and.. HEARD as; Mongral Retarded Failures of the UNIVERSE!
You: Waste of time pointless eyesaw, easily found, never moving, always KNOWN, SEEN and HEARD, THERE; as the most useless pathetic existance ever existed and too remain existing
You: Disgusting, desiesed, stinking repolsive, ugly, annoying prevoking insane and delerious jibberish loonatic cunts.

Diet-X :: Shop, Card and Stamp
Using shop and shop products, a logo and free scratch card.

Diet-X :: Icon
COLOURED: Square with center picture, mini number and mini picture in the top corners.
COLOURLESS+CENTER PICTURE: Contents Logo ( Meat, Fruit, Fish, Grain, etc, etc..
MINI NUMBER: Diet-X Level ( TOP LEFT: Single shopping products diet level
MINI PICTURE: Category ( TOP RIGHT: Vegetarian, Vegan, Hater of; etc, etc..

Avoidance Icon: No fish, meat, bones, pork, etc, etc..
Snack Icon: Suggestion to pickup and go with other snack products.
Event Icon: Suggested best use for a event with the product.

Diet-X :: Levels
Weight(+5) - Gain
Balance(+4) - Diet
Strength(+3) - Health
Motivation(+2) - Fitness
Light(+1) - Loss

Diet-X :: Event Icon - (Item Level = List for X-people)
Party(+30) - 16 items for 7 people
Feast(+25) - 19 items for 5 people
Meal(+15) - 9 items for 3 people
Dinner For Two(+12) - 7 items for 2 people
Snack(+4) - 1 or 2 items for one person

Diet-X :: Scrape-Off Lists
Variety of diet shopping cards at the door too pick up.
Travel around purchasing products while scraping off your diet checklist using the card.
Quickly match and guidance of: Any diet(S), product purchases and amount for feeding.
Diet card with full set of icons for scraping off with nail.
Throw-away Diet-X Scrape-Off List when leaving the shop.

Boost Icon: Boosting Diet-X Level: 5+5 (Extra Weight Gain Product)
Diet-X Icon: ??

Diet-X :: Special Lists
All Diet-X Standard: Balance(+4) Level

COLOUR: Type(Party)
ITEMS: Number of products
FEEDS: Number of People Eating

Diet-X :: Product Packaging
Size: Snack Product Consumable
Extra: Small size for Snack Product Consumable
Smaller: Smaller extras for Snack Product Consumable

Health Glass-X
Put the glasses when at correct body posture pose, standing still and they have your Standard
The magnifying empressive kicks-in on movement showing all over movements from your own speed, reflex and movement attempt; showing the waste and broken effort too stand still again
Physical correction by Magnifying
Empressive on left, right, up, down, back or forward fixing body alignments
Fixing: Stance, posture, walking, running, movement, bone structures, Methods of Correction

Put the glasses when looking at a simple picture when seen the edges
Correcting all far or close objects by blurring or sharpening as if seen through water; showing how mentally un-reactive and responsive you are
Mental correction by enlarging or decreasing the size of smaller, medium or large items
Fixing: Vision, Distance, Aware, Stress, Awake, Sleep, Momentum, Methods of Movement
Level of improvement(0/5) causing physical and mental discomfute the more higher, harder level you find it too fix your issue

X-Hole Vision
Window or door made with chemicals and 100% substainable requiring nothing too work.
Handle to open and close.
100% secure with handle on one side or on bothsides.
Use a see-through chemical and get a see-through door or window.
Drawing: Illustration showing method
Possible a good way to filter chemicals too a pure state..

X-Fined Space
100% sealed with no possible escape or access of outside from inside with only manual release.
Monitor any change from a state of absolute balance and none movement.
Outside access only accessable by the outside.
Maybe useful for testing, chemical, purification, physical, mental of extrudiation and attraction possibilities from a consumable, created item or growth of nature with reason by causing or infliction upon.

100% sealed space with no-way in.
100% substainable of all elements.
100% outside communication.
100% production outputting Food, drink, electric, internet, TV, radio.. other stuff.
Nothing attached and using nothing with window.

Mechanic-Xistance Copyright - Self running with nothing and no computer(but would help)
Items on collision that construct.
Items of: Item creation upon destruction
Consumption of; Your items for resources used in construction and altering
Creation of; Items for alternative possiblilities on destruction
Items of: On Defected = create, destroy or trigger use
Items of: Destruction for speed, fuel, resource and creation
Items of: When used, the above and change, etc.
Items of: On construction do..
Items of: Recharge, substaining and discharge uses at rates constant, progressive, disipation or limited
Counter action of; Non-moving, movement results with impact and ON-CONTACT designated uses.
I invented them, you have none AND you do not know how. - COPYRIGHT

Seen :: Car
Car = wall(garenteed)
Reason: Driving fast and carefully then 'Cooling down' or 'Balancing' pressure? Should not be needed.
Stopped Moving/weightless - No steering/brake distance left vs pressure force behind to stop
To much touch - hurt
Pressure build(car) - Losing something
Became the same as a stopped vehicle but still moving ability(car reset)
Noisy, desiese spreading, dirty, do not work, heavy and progessively worse
Solution: Easy enough
Issue: Your vehicles, are not even a moving object that are seriously dangrous, barely making the wheels turn, not acheiving 1 rev or working after hours at perfect use and entire losses, still garenteed.
Issue #2: ..and every vehicle is the same, only having wheels that turn around and around ONLY, with that weight, you will never get anywhere.
Mine: Drive 1,000MPH into your town and will not hit a thing rebounding off buildings and people.

Destruction Protech-X
Protection from physical and mental body destruction by a simple removable body sticker but hard to remove with moving mechanics and computer.
Lights with indication of status, warning, charge levels or watch how many times died and absolutely stupid.
Computing area tension, stresses, movements by limits of physical or mental chemical surroundings and stupidity of the person.
Monitoring ovious suroundings and changes of self destruction, activities and constant recharge with build of method based adverages of activities.
Using a simple light-weight patch for anywhere on the body with lights, buttons and moving part that is coverable.
On activation, providing discharge, recharge of self protection and destruction from un-aware types.
Inmense discharge of pressure, tension and rebound methods based on outside inflictions with continuious recharging and self amplifing using moving surroundings.

Health Protech-X
Self health and healing awareness generated by body use, heat generation, activity wear and tear using a simple removable body sticker but hard to remove with moving mechanics and computer.
Lights with indication of status, warning, activities at current moment, information guidance, consumable deficiency, effects and trust level based upon current conditions.
Displaying any production of stress, softness, tension, distress or hinderance of abilities by based on adverages of movement and general body activity monitoring.
On adverage and time monitoring, better solutions and attempts for aid movement, actions, methods of healing, health regeneration and awareness are more apparent.
Using a simple light-weight patch for anywhere on the body with lights, buttons and moving part that is coverable.
Displaying in your eyes of body areas for fixing, concentration, relaxing, stressing, tensing for self repair aids at constant levels or as wanted by a button.
Monitoring change, improvements, degrading, basic actions, outside inflictions, alternative controlling and activities, helping continue a healthy and progressive life style.
Based on condition, abilities, losses, gain and sense of useless, stating the ovious, there are better things to do for yourself.

Item-X :: Steer Movings
E.G: Find every direction on a moving object and direction currently travelling.
On any moving item, gain all steering directions of any moving object
From this, ability to gain control of the moving object.
Drawing: Not uploaded yet. ..

Universe Destruction Applications
Upon multi-creating attempts, resource depletion, experiments, testing, construction and building, space may become an issue.
Points of useful or unwanted for avoidance or targetting are nominated for processing destructions.
A Mechanic-Xistance Moving Device will remove failures or keep successes by destruction filter seperation and material stock-piling for re-use.
Secrity of the living that may include fear, healing, annoyance, in-accurate chemical reactions, question reaction, expectation, bordom, movement upon no computer, none repeatitive bacteria or re-action intelligance etc..
..denominated on the go and contained as un-usual or un-registered material for further researches.

Universe Salvage Applications
Upon destroying, breaking and destruction of things, continuing of the activity may become an issue.
Filter and re-construction the destroyed physical provides output of smaller and stronger materials.
A Mechanic-Xistance Moving Device will repress to original material limits for uses in builds.
Basic construction can be done from designs of town, city or strange areas for re-destruction or stronger material storing.
Secrity of the living that may include fear, healing, annoyance, in-accurate chemical reactions, question reaction, expectation, bordom, movement upon no computer, none repeatitive bacteria or re-action intelligance etc..
..denominated on the go and contained as un-usual or un-registered material for further researches.

Existance Termination Applications
Upon results of dieing, dead and decomposing bodies, obandoned places, desiese with un-inhabitable areas may become an issue.
Surrounding the area, measures can be put in place for Existance Termination.
Warming and extreme compression, freeze, re-heat activating, then.. fast decompression, compression and pressure holding.
A Mechanic-Xistance Moving Device travels to the center progressively self-building and self-constructing too seperate the unwanted existances or objects.
Resource and material obtaining, stock piling, filtering or interesting object creation can be done with outputted resources.
Secrity of the living that may include fear, healing, annoyance, in-accurate chemical reactions, question reaction, expectation, bordom, movement upon no computer, none repeatitive bacteria or re-action intelligance etc..
..denominated on the go and contained as un-usual or un-registered material for further researches.

Existance Salvage Applications
Upon creation, breeding, growing and living growth may deplete useful resources, go mad or turn against you that could be an issue.
Resource gathering, blending or removal of unwanted effects for compost mixtures and improving re-generation.
Mixtures moved to areas of deficancies, decomposing developments for enhancing progession possibilties.
A Mechanic-Xistance Moving Device will add wanted or remove unwanted forms too create compost and outputting any leftover substainces.
Secrity of the living that may include fear, healing, annoyance, in-accurate chemical reactions, question reaction, expectation, bordom, movement upon no computer, none repeatitive bacteria or re-action intelligance etc..
..denominated on the go and contained as un-usual or un-registered material for further researches.

X-Solution Game: Real Life Puzzle
A simple object puzzle game, upon solving, activates the game.. surrounds and enters you, as you are.
The aim is too stop the process of progressive creation of eternual hell, alien, machines or fantansy, depending on your progression.
Triggered by monsters and your movements, methods of prevention, clue rooms, guidance or deception help taken and offered fusing the next stage of creation.
It may take, provide or give oppurtunities for the rest of your life on finishing the game based on personal actions taken.
Using a charged up Mechanic-Xistance Moving Device in the form of a simple object puzzle game.
Progressively creating space and areas with ultimate material stock-pile with free transport too(if noticed) on game activation, something to read and items to steal for wasting your time until exiting the game.
Die, pass-out, faint, be injured, sleep, awake, live, eat, drink or whatever you normally do and earnatively aquired featuring invention: Protech-X.
Built with real life physical materials that surround you with you as you are, you should have no problem or issue playing and possibly win something.

Abil-X Clothes
Drematically increasing and enhancing physical or mental abilities, simple light-weight clothing of various types and boosts of normal body actions.
Actions including improving falling, impact, speed, momentum, flight, pace, jumping and general body actions.
Made for certain tasks for help with moving, balance, control, stability, weight, repair, protection, instant actions and safty.
Using moving parts, recharging, weight compression, pressure, etc.. that are just like any normal piece of clothing.
Inter-changable attachments and parts offer certain clothes change of the ability boosts provided.

X-Gen: 3D-6Dimensional Engine Generator and Creator
Create, control and store in shapes with both ends the same, just put it in the middle.
At 100% controls of speed, overloading, creation as a foolproof and failsafe item.
Run off anything.. chemical reactions, electric current, etc, etc, whatever you want and make or purify stuff too.
Create at stupendious strength, power and storaged, out of whatever.
Example: using 2 Pentagrams(3D Triangles): More pentagrams used; more power.
3 Required (The number being: chemical reaction, electric current, satelite or WHATEVER; travelling around and around)
6 with 3 more = Build Overloader
7+ or more = Speed Overloading
6 = Creating
5 = Faster Running
4 = Fast Running
3 = Running
2 = Slow
1 = Slower
0 = Stopped
-1 or less = Counter-action Overload
6 with 3 less = Super Overloader
Help in working out the above out at Invention: One Time-X may help you, 3 flying around a 3D ball(NOT REQUIRED) and another 3 upside-down on the otherside.
You could make alien colourful balls of light, make a vehicle move, filter resources, purify materials, counter-act gravity forces using small shapes and fly about without a care.
Containment of moving or still elemental energy at ultimate super powers, filled and stored in various shapes with garenteed repeatitive movements or forced too be still.
Why does it have ULTIMATE SUPER POWERS? Because 6 or more is garenteed to slow whatever is going around and 3 or more is always garenteed to work.. unlocking the overloading ability.
Why does it have ULTIMATE SUPER EXTREME POWERS? Because not reflecting upside-down on the otherside will force a crash.. but still work, using Mechanic-Xistance Devices could increase and enhance greatly.
Why does it have ULTIMATE SUPERIOR EXTREME POWERS? Because building Mechanic-Xistance Devices into the physical structure can create many more operations happen, easily, NO COMPUTER REQUIRED.
Uses and possibilities are highly improvable with Invention: Mechanic-Xistance Devices or use of a computer or chemicals could help.
Claiming and over-powering all the most destructive forces the universe has on offer, also anything ever created.

War-X Views
Alien Worlds: Highly hostile and dangerous areas, teaming is advised, not required, you may not belong.
Glasses that admit light or dark, see the world through the glasses only, other colours maybe available.
Guidance, writing, messages can be seen and leads to safe places of storage, constructs and equiptment.
No one without glasses would be able to get there, work out how too or stupid enough not have restrictions for new visitors.
Remove the glasses and see only a strange alien non-sense land, no-one knows what happens there.
Highly terriorial places of 3-way global war is garenteed or more upon caring or working it out.

Body-X Part
Grow, restore or re-construct your own body parts that are internal or external.
Based on eating, drinking, growth and heart is made of heart material.
Making internal, external bones and limbs from consumable foods for a start and a guide.
Using ate or drank edible foods, drink, drugs and luxuries with chemicals inside, with something to grow, also a Invention: Mechanic-Xistance Devices can help provide substances for your internal or exteral body parts growth.
Worn on outside and/or inside providing any needful, guidances and consumption materials useful for helping in growth with minimal discomfute.
After growing Mechanic-Xistance Device can be easily removed with no difference.

Suction Chimley Attachment
Clear all air, heat, smells from the room quickly with on and off button/speeds.
Attach to any house, home or property chimley or created roof hole.
Open windows for a fresh breeze running through the house.
Runs on own electric generated with 3 speed buttons.
A spinning aero-dynamic spirial for wind motion induction too put air outside.

Land Primitor
Detect tresspassers, visitors, vehicles, adventurers and animals who enter or leave the land.
Be alerted anywhere you are on arrivals or partings on the property.
A slim flexible screen that can be simply stuck onto your arm, leg or object.
Showing the primitor on screen where setup and lights where the intruder is.
Scan your land by internet after setup for more map visuals.
Show inturders location by heat detection and movement target following with what the object or person looks like.
Makes a noise and lights up when activated with ignore button.
Useful buttons of: Light, Injury Emergancy Auto-Dial and phone a friend

Vehicle Window Screen-X
For the front window, a slim invisable screen.
Illuminates road side line paint and signs.
With no difference from what you see anyway.
Ease vision filters in hard wheather of fog, rain, snow, sunlight, other vehicle headlights and road cateyes.
Slow down warning for ovious speed/crash and T junction over speeds.

Forget the greatest show on earth, see, hear and feel something far beyond the greatest show could ever offer.
Having no natural ambiant sounds in existance and only able too create a single dead sound with no rythem, creation of or disolving ever made.
Using Invention: Mechanic-Xistance Devices leaving no competition and creation of a sound, feeling and visuals of an entirely new music range.
Unknown, never seen, heard or felt before, The Greatest Show of the Universe, The Greatest Show on Earth is no competition.
Vibration that electronics could never match, visual creation of rythem and disolving of natural sounds that lasers or lights would never do.
Music of never seen, felt or heard before; The Greatest Show of anything could ever compete with or know how too.

Universe Space Creation
Dedicated personal space with center planet(size relative) living space.

Loco-X-Home Moving
House and home location moving.
Tired of your house or just the location? Rip that sucker right out the ground and get it moved, anywhere you like, no matter the size.

Planetary Permanent Revolutions
After Universal Space purchase, then decorating can begin with..
Moon, Sun or other planatary decoration feature placement.

Computer Method: Fastest of;
Ultimate programming method
Ultimate processing method
Ultimate live streaming 2x method

Scroll Pump Compressor; Requiring and consuming nothing to work

Piston Compressor; Requiring and consuming nothing to work

Underwater sea/ocean icing and freeze
..using nothing, build a underwater world for free..

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