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Find more information on me here, featuring a contact page, my profile with some hobbies that I do and share, there is even food to make and a gallery.

Last update: 18/05/2019


- Business: Local shop products brought to your door, stylish customised clothing of any type and faster foods with these 3 new businesses
- New Invention: A Self Running X-Gen: 3D-6Dimensional Power and Engine, better and more reliable than a car, boat, airoplane or spaceship.
- MORE! New Inventions: Diet-X - No animal or milk but more suitable than vegan or vegetarian, a reason too keep your old newspaper, moving fireworks and more..
- New Invention: Music-X the greatest show on earth could never compete, challenge or seen, heard and felt ever before
- New Inventions: Body-X Part when things go wrong Suction Chimley Attachment for freshing up Vehicle Window Screen-X for seeing better
- New Business: From basic and extreme; Body Healthix a new business providing furniture, and house items too help fix injuries, health, become better or too good doing it with absolutely no care Body Healthix helps at own risk
- Global Department: Offering 70%+ takings from Fire, Police and Ambulance Emergancy Services in the form of Call X-Ergancy Services easing vital emergancy calls and work loads shown as the better way.
- Global Industry: Offering new business, jobs, work, activity groups and researches; Industry-X of Shop-Grotten world-wide oppertunities, also, invention physical and mental body destruction preventions and self repair Protech-X
- New! Deeming COPYRIGHT of ALL Moving Mechanics to LEXXDESIGNS - The rightful owner and rising of NEVER SEEN BEFORE items and products, better and more useful than anything you have..
- STOPPED: The internet ran out of data; - Inventions has no research:NO: ON-MOVING PART, ON-COLLISION, ON-BROKEN, ON-DESTRUCTION, ON-CREATION, ON-USE, etc.. items or objects in existance..
- Revealing with hesitation; Health Glass-X and X-Hole Vision now are the Featured Inventions
- Previous research from The Food Cycle.. resulting of a new invention release The Diet-X :: Local shop products viewed and found in different way
- Newly seen on LexxDesigns: The Food Cycle; output shown upon Cookery front page with relative outcome
- After EXTRA! Inventions - X-WFCog Engine - Using less than nothing. NOW OFFERING: Universe Space Creation, Universe Planet Decoration and Placements with Universe Destuction Applications.
- After the unknown success of MORE! Inventions - 1X2:200 KleXsin Micros-OFF ObjeX : Three more; Food and drink: Using nothing. Hailing X-Dining ObjeX Table the 'in' way 'too'.. and Industry to District; Indist-X Design productions
- MORE! Growth of Inventions resulting in more self-running, stand-alone with no-fuels, wires, etc.. used, offering; electric, machine, engine, movement, x1,000+ computers, anti-gravity, planetary time and other world altering stuff
- Expansion of the website now showing the Business section where the chance to help someone out and get paid could be possible
- New section in Cookery featuring Drinks
- New information available for Barbeques and more Sandwiches in the Cookery section
- Adding hand drawn graphics and contact feature to improve the website
- Looking for any donations due to lack of funds

Site Features

Profile - My bio where you will find vital details about me.

Cookery - Cook nice food for eating from skratch, easy enough.

Gallery - Browse and look at the photos of previous places I have been too and vehicles I use to own.

Hobbies - Me and information on how I create the artwork and products you see on Lexx.TV with various activities I have got up too.

Programming - Website building and interactive website programs with customised webcam, video and audio content available online.

Inventions - Some new possible project ideas created by myself that I thought would be worth mentioning.

Business - Examples of trading businesses that provide others with privilages they may never of had the fortune too experience while easing lifes difficulties.

Lexx.TV - Featuring my unique shop; full of hand-crafted products for sale with short stories, written articals and a village.

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