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Business Dreams

Reasons why business can be a life changing, however, a hook you may not escape from, why you should stop when started and before you become the best being seen.

Steam and Mist Rooms

Personally choose with helpful walk-though, knowledge and guidance for selections in preperation too install a steam and mist room in your home.


  • Install a Steam and Mist Room in your home
  • Small team of people with business location
  • Demostration room where examples of the installations can be seen working
  • Researched and a selection of products with reliable suppliers
  • Research of local businesses of plumber, carpenter, electrician for contract and reserve
  • Designer booklets; Created and based on: Small, medium, large and extreme room sizes to browse through with the customer
  • Business small van for transporting ordered products to work locations

Selection of: Water-proof;

  • Room seal designs; Flooring, Wall, Roof and Skirting Boards
  • Machines: Best fitting based on room size, power and outputs
  • Furniture: Seating, tables, plastic plant-life, cultural decorations, scolptures
  • Electronics: Music player, fridge, freezer, television, dimmer and colour lighting, roof and wall lights, laser shows, LED scenary pictures, sound reactive displays
  • Consumables: Fragrences and smelly products available on repeat order

Business Process;

  • Meet and greet customer
  • View of demostration and example installation room
  • View of the customers project room with customer and checklist, sorting most sutible to offer
  • At home sitdown or arrangement for another meeting at the business location for browsing the designer booklets best fitting for the customers project
  • Browse of room designs, machines, furniture and electronics options based on room size from the designer booklets
  • Gather customers best fitting selection and awareness of that will not work
  • Take-home print out and pictures of product selection and prices
  • Contract of; payment: Total amount MINUS deposit after work is complete
  • Deposit of; 50% or total paid by the customer of: Products to be fitted and installed, regardless of labour and service costs
  • Cooldown and change of mind time period while plans of installation is carried out
  • Property access and time arrangement to begin work confirmation
  • Order of products and contact of contractors
  • Carry out work and accomadating to any customers change of mind


  • Stall and room demostration setup at county fairs, show grounds, business events
  • Businesses in relation with toilet, wash-hand basin, shower and bath products recieve a garenteed commission earning 10% of a referred paying client
  • Leaflet distribuation to swimming pool, spas, massarge parloyer
  • Newsletter signup of 6 month or 1 year option delivery booklet featuring latest upgrades and consumable products available to tryout
  • Online website with video demostration and finished projects
  • Newspaper advert
  • 6 month checkup after installation for happy customer and offering of fragrance consumables with second chance newsletter signup if not done so already

Business Security;

  • Customer Contract/Deposit; 50% of products total cost paid before work begins.
  • On breach of contract; Not paying grand total MINUS deposit after work completion: Business owns the right to remove and uninstall products upto 50% from the installation location.

Sticks'n Drinks

All year round drink locations on near-by beaches for holiday makers and travellers.


  • Single or network of beach huts selling various drinks and refreshments to beach visitors
  • 2 staff members per business location at one time, no more than 3 offering network staff swopping
  • Order, serve and take-out or take-a-seat
  • Sourcing local fruit juices and ingredient suppliers
  • On-site creation of drink, ice and icecream


  • Cultural design created from wooden sticks and furniture to match
  • Open plan walk-in beach huts with side cushioned seating area
  • Funiture and seating area of slight seclusion, partly hiding you away in the popular tropical planting of the location


  • Refrigerated cool drinks, Frozen ice, fruit juices, icecream and optional drink boosts
  • Popular drink creations of cocktails, ice, icecreams from the menu board
  • Drink creation from the menu board featuring a list of fruit juice, ice flavours, icecreams and drink boosts of your own choices
  • Alcholic drinks served from a certain time until end time
  • Low volume music heard from the seating area
  • Day drink tryouts and night chilldown

Wide selection to offer with unique flavours from The Board.

Fruit'oo Go

In-town open shop for passing pedestrians with near-by business delivery contracts.


  • Creating fruit dishes and drink smoothies of fruit, nuts, sugar, chocolate and cereals
  • Shop location with serving counter, kitchen, fridge and freezer
  • Indoor and small outdoor area with customer dedicated tables and seating
  • Serving directly to high street walk-in customers
  • Large orders taken from business staff at lunchtimes and delivered
  • Research of world-wide fruit, ingredients, container and drink holding suppliers
  • Serving products made at the shop location from pre-ordered supplies
  • Shop business small van for delivery and transporting products


  • Fruit dishes and drinks available to sit and eat or takeaway
  • Most popular selection menu and self creation of your own fruit dish and smoothie drinks
  • Takeaway boxes and drink cartons in small, medium and large


  • Businesses in the local areas staff offered lunchtime specials and delivery with 10% discount for 10+ orders OR 15% for 20+ orders from the total price
  • High street sign and outside shop decoration

Variety and picks from the Fruit Menu and all the favourite mixes.

Boosting Grave2Car

Help and build to create a unique dream car of your personal design with no strings or ties.


  • Renovating cars into sort-after unique head-turning vehicles
  • Business location of car graveyard and medium size garage building
  • Contracts of Police and insurance companies for damaged or scrap cars to collect and dump at the graveyard
  • Research of car parts and product suppliers on-order
  • Dedicated area to the dead for salvaging working parts and stored to use in the future
  • Business tow vehicle for collection of cars
  • Minimum job budget requirement depending on vehicle choice


  • Choose from a range of old, broken, scrap and damaged cars for renovation
  • Customers choice garaged, renovated and upgraded to a road worthy and safe state
  • Outside Upgrades; skirting board, spoiler, wheel arches, alloy wheel, under lighting, tinted lightbulbs, head and side light plastics, bodywork repair, airbrushing art and decals
  • Inside Upgrades; fabric replacement, bucket seats, radio, AMP, speakers, Bass, custom dash, rollcage, interior creation and restoration
  • Mechanics; inspection, cleaning, replacement, testing, refurbishing, weight reductions and installations


  • Customer explaination of business process
  • Choice of a vehicle
  • Customer sitdown and offering all that is possible with most expensive customisations, seggestions and extreme photo examples while taking notes
  • Viewing of car showcase collection featuring before and after photos of work carried out by the business
  • Research carried out of required work, new and old parts needed, upgrades, customer customizations of the vehicle choosen
  • Customer compromising and consideration breakdown to-budget, parts and work prices, estimates, how far limits and money plans taken down
  • Contract of; pay the rest after payment of deposit, that is: New, old parts and product total price, regardless of any customisation, service charges, work, labour or vehicle cost
  • Renovation of car mechanics, inside and outside looks
  • Safty testing, MOT and re-register of vehicle ready for the road
  • Upon work completion, payment of grand total MINUS deposit is requested
  • Before and after photos with unique car and all documents is provided

Business Security;

  • Customer Contract/Deposit; parts and products to be fitted cost: Car to be handed over on total payment MINUS deposit as road ready, registered and safe
  • On breach of contract; not paying grand total MINUS deposit: Vehicle is kept and sold to another

Society Get-out Building(s)

In-town open buildings for dropping in and aiding overall moral of the public.


  • In-city or town building that accommidate facilities of various types dedicated too calming, local research and selfcare
  • Open building of large atmospheric rooms where free-to-use equiptment and services are available everywhere
  • Packages of sleeping room key, pampering services
  • Reception of access to supply your pass for short visits, overnight sleeping or free roaming in or out spanning days
  • Staff tasks of cleaning, consumable refills, replacements, cafe and pampering services
  • Use of any facilities upon gaining a pass along with your purchased services
  • Easily found maps for guidance finding the rooms and services that are around the building

Offering; rooms of:

  • Social interaction; find information of places to visit, close-by services, attractions, advertisements, newspapers, food resturants and pubs.. can be planned
  • Relaxation; Secluded table and seating, reclining chairs and cushioned laying areas with light music, plant life, water features, reading books, art materials and pick-up pillows
  • Pampering; massage, yoga, mild exercise gym
  • Cafe; light food of salads, wheat products and drinks of fruit can be taken away or enjoyed at the seating area
  • Selfcare; clean towels welcome you to a fully equipt room with bath, shower, wash basin, toilet, mirror, music player, foot spa and a dispensor for all your requirements to freshen up
  • Consumable Dispensor; Shower gel, bubble bath, fragrences, shaver, hair brush, hair combs, nail cutter, sissors, nose hair remover, moisteriser, deoderent
  • Sleeping; fresh bedding, alarm clock, storage, pen and puzzles

Revu Homes

Professionally design of any room theme for your home, created and installed.


  • Business shop location and medium sized workshop
  • Small group of multi-skilled specialists in wood, concreate, stone, metal, plastics, leather, brick, design and office
  • Work of in-graving, sculptoring, carving, decorating, burning, repairing, artwork design and molding with selected materials
  • Example room where finished work and the artwork created from can be found
  • Business vehicle of; long-wheel based van for transporting furniture too and from the shop location
  • Designer booklets for each specialist material with artwork designs
  • Researched 3rd party contractors of new furniture and booklets to show customers


  • Making products of shelfing, cupboards, draws, cabinates, toliets, sinks, statues, decorations and custom requests or designs
  • Choose from a selection of pre-designed artwork or have your own design ready for application on a product of home furniture
  • Range of booklets designed for showing artwork of corners, straight, plain edges, rounded, bowled, flats or finished and whole work
  • Request work of artwork or customer pre-designed art for application too any materials


  • Customer meeting and talk of work intentions, that maybe; pre-designed artworks, pre-owned, customer new buy picks and custom built furniture
  • Show of the materials and created from artwork example room while answering any questions
  • Customer sitdown and show of designer booklets relating to interest and material; process missed if artwork is customer designed
  • Prices estimates of artwork application, material, furniture buys, specialist work, timescale and delivery plans
  • Deposit taken of material, new furniture purchases, custom artwork designs and artwork molding and applications
  • If: Customer furniture; transportation too business location
  • Work carried out and total payment is taken MINUS deposit
  • Completed work delivered and fitted into the customers home if needed

Business Security;

  • Customer Contract/Deposit; Customer to pay for; material, new furniture purchases, custom artwork designs, molding and applications
  • On breach of contract; Furniture is kept by the business and sold at auction

House Facelift

Special unqiue business feature of double glazing cover-ups and main work in out-side restoration.


  • House exterior services restoring and decorations
  • Regular contracts of cleaning services available
  • Designer booklets created from the photos of work before carried out and results after
  • Designer booklets of window sil and water drain designs created from materials, such as, wood, concreate, stone, plastic, brickwork and metal


  • Designer window surroundings of wood, concreate, stone and brickwork that cover ugly sils or white double glazing
  • Brick smashing that age your house from a new build to a 1850 century protected and treasured building
  • Cleaning of windows, domestic dirt, chimnly sweeping and roof
  • Sand blasting of stone, brick and wood; recovering and reveal former glory after full protecting preperation surrounding area fully
  • Wood care ranging from sand blasting, varnishing, wood staining, removal of paint or varnish and re-painting
  • Gate and metal treatment of restoration, rust removal and painting
  • Designer water drain and window sil fitting
  • Plant life of long-term building crawlers, ivory, moss, etc.. planted to grow and decorate the exterior of your home


  • Designer booklet shown of before and after photos taken from previous work

Industry-X of Shop-Grotten

Based on general shop consumable item packaging, a entire missing and global industry business that was stolen and gone before starting by the un-greatful masses for abusing that continues..
..spreading desiese across the country of constant recreation, thinking nothing about product packaging designs for self physical and mental improvement for helping local locations that may benefit.
Uniquely able for gaining information for local populations too a single shop, entire town or both for surrounding residence opening a new range of jobs and health security with major moral up-keep possibilities, globally.


  • Taking back packaging, design, bottles, cans, plastic, polastrine, graphical labelling, tins and methods of opening or using them for stolen years
  • Providing local locations with suitable packaging and label designs
  • Helping in physical and mental improvement that may not notice themselfs
  • New global industry, businesses, jobs and subject for any location, population health, activities they conduct, or problems gained regually with memories and attraction for visitors
  • Research and contacts in food, drink, medication and luxuries for shop supplies
  • One trigger for information when cut across a opening line on packaging, opening plastic wrapping, open of a tin, can or plastic bottle, hand or utensil methods
  • Unique superior take-away food packaging, drinking containers, shop luxuries of medication and tobacco methods that must be EARNED BEFORE distribution using information gathered
  • Ultimate advanced containers, storage and re-use for general products of shop or activity locations for taking-away on travel, places of living and multi-person uses
  • Visitors of the locations: able to enjoy the area, encuraging re-visits and memories of; well as increasing moral, social interaction and community values of locations choosing Industry-X of Shop-Grotten services


  • Providing reviews of suitiable packaging and designs with information how they help the local people
  • Upon accepting and issue; further information of major public problems of those ignore or fail attempting the oviously simple
  • Local health information and more in-depth obtained, better than seen by eye or face:face could gain at beneficial locations
  • Enjoyable food or drink that is harder or easier cooking or making methods as supplies
  • Consumables, medication and luxuries of difficulty or easy and accessing or creating before use.
  • Using NO personal, public and/or individual information and data or records but the service provided


  • Looking at local areas, the location, activities by the population and regular health problems, a review is provided
  • After circulation, more suitiable packaging and designs can be placed at locations of needful
  • After circulation, more difficult packaging and designs can be placed at locations of improving
  • On gathering information, packaging, designs and graphical labelling of unique and superior can be provided at the location: ONLY AT LOCATIONS EARNED THEM
  • Futher ultimate advances of containers, storage and re-use for products at shop or activity areas for sale, ideal for travelling, multi-use, re-use and disposal: ONLY FOR THE DESERVANT

Call X-Ergancy Services

Doing something? Having a problem? Ran out of ideas? See no other way? Finding it hard? Gone insane? Got hurt? Have a problem? Scared?.. or just Angry, Abusive or Friendly?
Taking 70%+ stress and management from emergancy services while avoiding issues of the actions ever accuring.
Attracting stupidity calls and wasting time away from the vital emergancy departments of police, ambolance and fire while making it fun and useful as a department itsself.
No call center required by those whom are trusted, professional and knowledgable in information they can provide and have access too with the useful call center electronic device.
Call center electronic device quick to look up simple information guidances on various topics for help in what you are doing or have issues with or suspended upon customer confusion and helped by another.


  • Call and tell them what you have been doing, trying to do or want to do, your location, how to do someything, how to build something, how healthy to continue..
  • At home with a toaster issue and hungry, lost in the woods, trying to build a house, work out a puzzle, there may be other choices open.
  • Friendly chat of whatever you are doing and offering information and choices about anything you want, hate or like.
  • Call, select or choose, look-up biography of the call person that is anywhere around the world too talk to whom maybe doing something simular to yourself to interact in a nice way or not


  • Providing options on what you are trying to do, methods and enjoyable slower, detours or faster ways that aid conducting your attempts
  • Useful location information, warnings and choices that give an advantage or risk
  • Electric, radio or people issues, there can be many alternative methods to achieve or fix your problem in a comfutable manner that suits you
  • Concerned about a health issue, why that keeps happening or a recent injury.. not that serious or need to speed things up offering a more comfutable way
  • Learning possiblities as a on-demand service to call anytime about anything
  • Keep noticing that dark place in the room your to scared of entering or get rid of? Why not call.


Body Healthix

Useful health improving devices from simple to extreme help for fixing body issues, alone or in groups.
Fun and guidance choice with injuries, lack of body movement and find benefits that you may not have noticed.
Unique business feature of guidance result methods for validation by trusted and researched information.
Unique business products of injury recovery, health improvement, gym excerise, trainers and activity enthusiasts for either healthy or not.


  • Basic: Seats, beds, devices, tools, tables, attachments, adjustable controls, comfute and irritate movements, injury or bone correction fixing as a normal piece of furniture or exercise tool
  • Basic: Water and weight moving items for being still, more excerise difficulty and help with adjustable functions as a normal piece of furniture or exercise tool
  • Physical: Cool, heat, moving, tension, release, holding
  • Mental: Pain inducer, touch inducer, restore disgusting feeling inducer, simple defenseless reaction restriction when attempting too quick fix the issue
  • Balancing, standing, sitting, dancing, activity cooldown, difficulty, eases as health improving tools in a wide variety and unique guidance methods
  • Leaflet, training guides..


    Injury Tools
    Help fixing your issue and find out more.
  • Television: Notification of failed triggered response with advise and why, moving and breathing force attempts, eat and drink of hard or soft types, shut down upon overheat
  • TV Health Person: Creation of full body character remains unchanged for a AIM and yours next to it using a 50/50 split screen based on your actions
  • TV Health Person: Your character changes and fades in/out live on screen with sessions that end in a variety of methods..
  • TV Health Person: Changes of expressions, items, clothes, jewellery, background location, objects, etc.. gained and lost based on your participation
  • TV Health Person: Changes of BAD(blacker, unable, harder, injured, darker, mondane, dirty, angry, covered, evil actions happen, bordom, suicidal, self mutilation, prison, Session end: ASSIST DEATH) a BAD guide
  • TV Health Person: Changes of GOOD(whiter, easily, sexier, brighter, lighter, colourful, cleaner, happy, naked, friendly actions happen, hyperactivity, sexual, alien mutation, asylum, Session end: KILLED DEATH) a GOOD guide
  • Tools can be customised and controlled by remote control or voice audio, also with furniture offered by the business.

    Exercise Tools
    Variety of colours, light changes, tricks, attachment, uses, etc.. and look good in the dark.
  • Torch: Extendable stick for trick moves - (Stability, pacing awareness, movement continuation )
  • Stick with Ribbon: Ribbon that retracts and extends - (Fluidity, rymthem, music syncronization, excerise flow)
  • Spinning Tin: Spins Larger or smaller on momentum and correct use - (Balance, enfusiasum)
  • Clothes: Single Shoe/Glove/elbow/knee/ankle - (Momentum Moves, Weakness use encuragement, alternative method)
  • Skipping Rope: Change to Numbchuck -> Skipping rope - (Speed Fault, pace using, focus)
  • Hat: Sounds when still or slowing - (Encuragement, self learning of abilities)
  • Mask: Smell substance of bad, thick, thin or nice depending on progress - (Force Motivation, self limit push and failure)
  • Projectile: Shooting weight and stick to a wall, pickup for reloading - (Building, weightloss, controlling ability)

  • Attachments: Weight, apperance, alternative uses, light change effects, difficult trick feature, empressive trick feature
  • Re-fills: Smell, sound, grips, light bulbs, empressive substances
  • Tools can be completely taken apart and put back together with easy attachments and re-fills for different, difficulty levels, moves or effects.


On demand service to bring needful local shop products too your doorstep, fast.
Shop simply by product picking up and delivery service.
Calling operator and recording by phone for the shopping list details.
Vehicles around the local area ready to take orders and deliver.
Opening and closing time dependant on closing of the near by shops.


  • Shop from home or online for local shop products
  • Record your shopping list by phone
  • Retrieval and delivery to door
  • Signup for loyalty and pay later offers

Payments and charges;

    Helping keep shopping simple.
  • Online payments
  • Phone payments
  • Cash on delivery
  • Products picked up and rounded up to the pound with delivery times that of a taxi.

Trainer-X Shoes and more

Travelling business to setup and sell.
Street setup using pre-brought shop clothing, trainers, bags and shoes ready to be designed.
Buying from local surrounding shops for selling as ready-to-go clothing or brought for designing by passing customers.
Choices from previously designed photo booklet, live demostrations or completed, ready to go products done that day.

Travelling small van used for moving equiptment with a stool setup and advertising.

  • Locally brought trainers, shoes, clothes, bags, etc.. for work
  • Methods of airbrushing, stencils, cutting shapes, water proofing, protective sprays, burning, etc..
  • Designs of stamps, patterns, tye dye, colouring, fabric stick-on, embossing, tatoos, etc..
  • Buy a already completed stylish clothing product or have one customised yourself
  • Designer photo booklet available for ideas and selections

Faster Foods

A business offering name branded foods.
Easily made snacks or meals by hot water and the microwave.
Bases presented in a snack pot for adding boiling water or use a sauce to eat there and then.
Sauces presented in a smaller pot for adding boiling water or use a main as a dip.
Mains come pre-cooked and sealed for heating up in a microwave, use a base and sauce for a complete meal.

A dried state, made for adding boiling water, stir and draining.

  • Thin, Medium, Thick, Fried
  • Pasta
  • Shells, Maccaroni, Spiral
  • Rice
  • Plain, Flavoured, Fluffy, Long
  • Vegetables
  • Carrot, Pea, Sweetcorn, Broad Bean
  • Bread Crutons
  • White, Brown, Long cut, Short Cut
  • Beans
  • Kidney, Blackeye, Chick Pea
  • Lentils
  • Small, Medium, Big

A dried state, just add boiling water, stir while cooling to thicken.

  • Sweet chilli and corn
  • Obergeen and baked cheese
  • Mushroom and black pepper
  • Tomatoes and herb
  • Gravy and onions
  • Dark Soya and Cabbage
  • Garlic and cheese
  • Mustard and spices
  • Chilli and celery
  • Curry and peppers
  • Corgette and paprika

Pre-cooked and sealed foods to heat up in the microwave or have cold.

  • Califlower and broccali
  • Beef and Dumplins
  • Chicken and stuffing
  • Pork, Crackling and pineapple
  • Smokey Bacon and Onions
  • Sausages and yorkshire pudding
  • Fried fish and batter
  • Ham, salami and apple pieces
  • Burger bites and cheese
  • Lesangue and chips
  • Quiche and Beans

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